Types of Jewelry That Hold a Significance Value in India

India is rich in culture, tradition, and other valuable gifts. Apart from the auspicious gold, silver, and ancient jewelry, there are various other types of Jewelry in India with a significant importance. Jewelry made of platinum, diamond, gold, and silver have rich values and returns even during financial crisis. However, there are other types of fashion jewellery that has enjoyed special attention too. These types of jewels and metals have enjoyed great acceptance in India. Their existence still holds a very special place in many customs and rituals regardless of religion.

Types of Jewelry That Hold a Significance Value in India

  1. Bead jewelry:

Gold could be gaudy and flashy at times and doesn’t go well on all occasions. It is an auspicious metal that goes on auspicious occasions like festivals and wedding ceremonies. However, bead jewelry is demanded by all regardless of the occasion. Beads are made out of gold, silver, ivory, copper, wood, and clay.

  1. Bridal jewelry:

With the changing lifestyle, people have changed their typical bridal looks and ornaments. Today, oodles of stunning bridal ornaments are available at the stores and online. Bridal jewelry is made of superior quality and is beautifully crafted to add beauty to the bride. The jewelry is mainly in gold, silver, and diamond.

  1. Lac jewelry:

Lac has always fascinated the foreign tourists. Rajasthan is a main hub for lac ornaments. It’s available in various designs and is mainly red in color. Bangles are one of the core products of lac jewelry.

  1. Navratna jewelry:

Nav means nine and ratna means jewel. A single ornament consists of 9 auspicious and rare stones. These nine stones have a significant impact on the wellbeing of a person. Navratna jewelry has enjoyed a great importance since medieval times.

  1. Temple jewelry:

Those gorgeous little chains and necklaces that you see on the gods’ idols are known as temple jewelry. These types of ornaments help to add beauty to the idols of gods and goddesses. You may find these at majority of the Hindu temples in India.

  1. Stone jewelry:

Stones are in a variety of designs and types. These are mainly studded in silver and gold fashion rings. Apart from decorative stones, certain gemstones have played an important role in people’s lives. These stones are carved in metals and worn as per the recommendation of pandits based on astrological chart.

If you would like to see how all these jewelry look like, check the online stores for some amazing variety and range. Always buy online jewelry from a registered site and seller. Choose jewelry that comes with a hallmark. Hallmarks are indication that the jewelry is genuine and pure. We wish you happy shopping online.

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