How to identify if a diamond is fake or not?

We all like to own diamonds, don’t we? However, are we all capable of telling a real diamond from a fake one? The answer is no. Finding out if a diamond happens to be real or not can be quite a tough job when you come to think of it. Deep down within we all wish to know this without a shadow of a doubt. In most cases, you may be looking for answers to this question from a professional jeweler but you yourself can get the answers as well. You do not need to be a Sherlock Holmes for that.

The fog test

You can be sure that you are buying a real piece when you buy from but what happens if you do not? How do you know what you are buying is the real article or not? Well, the most evident way to find it out is the fog test. You can take the piece, put it in front of your mouth, and fog on it just as you would do to a mirror. If the piece stays that way even for a few seconds then it is a fake. A real diamond would release the heat from your breath in an instant and it would be incredibly difficult to make it foggy.

Even, in case, if you were to wait for it to fog up and then look at it, it would clear incredibly quickly.

Check the mount and setting

There is no way in hell that real diamond would be set in metal that is cheap. If the stamp within your setting states that it is real platinum or gold then it is fine but if you do not get any such indication then in all probability it is a fake. For example, if the setting says CZ then you would better not buy it because it stands for Cubic Zirconia, which is a type of a synthetic diamond.

Look at how refractive it is

A real diamond would bend or refract light sharply – in fact, this is one reason why it is so brilliant to look at in the first place. In case of materials such as quartz and glass, this refractive index is a lot lower. It is difficult to change the refractive index of a stone because it is something that is inherent. You would not even be able to get it done with an expert cut.

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