Factors to consider while buying from online hydro stores

Buying hydroponics equipment can always be a challenge, especially if you plan to grow cannabis indoors. You need to be very confidential about your purchase, especially if you live in an area where growing weed indoors or outdoors is not legalized.  Irrespective of cannabis or normal plants, there is one pressing question that you would like to answer when it comes to buying hydroponic equipment – should you buy it online or from brick & mortar stores. Here are some basic points that you have to keep in mind when you buy equipment from a hydroponic grow store.

Pros and cons of buying from an online hydro store

Like all other goods, people love to buy their hydroponic supplies as well from online stores. Why? This is because it saves them a great deal of time and effort. The choices are quite huge and there are exciting offers during all the times of the year, thereby giving you good savings on the supplies that you need. You can get equipment from all parts of the world within one click of the button.  Most of these stores are legal and have a good reputation as well; therefore, you can be assured about the confidentiality of your details when you are buying equipment for growing weed.

The biggest disadvantage of buying these supplies from online stores is that they might charge you a huge amount towards shipping & handling. They may offer a particular product that you want at a great discount. However, when you proceed to pay and checkout, you would notice that these sites charge a hefty amount of shipping. Most of the times, the actual charge of the supplies plus the shipping charges are more than the total price of the product that are available at brick and mortar stores. Therefore, it is only a myth that buying from online stores is cheaper.

Pros and cons of buying from retail stores

What do you get when you buy hydroponic supplies from retail stores? The personal experience, of course! You will get to see equipment like the growing medium, lighting, air filters, soil, nutrients, all other appropriate supplies personally and decide as to which one would suit your grow area better. Also, you can get to negotiate and visit various stores to see the quality and prices to make the right call, in this option. The disadvantage is that it requires a lot of effort from you to visit these stores personally.

Final Verdict

According to experts, people who are beginners to hydroponics should always buy from brick and mortar stores, as this would help them understand the various products and get value-added suggestions from the salesmen. They can get personalised assistance from hydroponics experts at the store. A technician from the store would come to your place and help you set up your hydroponic grow kit properly. If you have enough experience and expertise in the field of hydroponics and have enjoyed many yields in the past, you can trust online stores for your purchases.

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