Explore The Different Types Of Diamond Earring Studs

Every woman should have a diamond stud in her closet just like a staple black dress she wears on special occasions. The timeless elegance of the beautifully cut diamond earrings are worn for generations and if you also have inherited a few such studs, consider yourself lucky. Today’s fashion conscious men also wear studs. There are many eCommerce sites catering the outstanding collections of diamond studs exclusively designed for men.

Here, we are going to explore some of the finest diamond earrings cuts especially designed for women

Princess cut

A few years back, the princess cut diamonds became immensely popular and hopefully the trend is still on fire. The square of rectangular cut diamonds is strategically cut to set on the gold or platinum. This cut is more popular for its brilliance created by the intricate facets from each corners. Visit CaratLane or any popular eCommerce brands showcasing the finest collections of princess cut diamond studs at amazing prices.

Round cut

Became much popular since 1919, the round cut diamonds are cone shaped with a round head called the crown. You can have a set of round cut diamond earrings which are always appreciated for the rounded corners and myriad facets ensuring more sparkle. The round cut diamond studs complicate your corporate or formal attire. You can also adorn them along with a party outfit for some extra spark in your appearance.

Marquise cut

If you want to have a unique or special piece of stud in your diamond collection, buy a marquise cut diamond earrings. In comparison to round and diamond cut counterparts, the marquise cut diamonds are larger in appearance for the pointed corners in the both ends.

Pear cut

The teardrop diamond cuts called the pear shaped diamond studs will amaze you if you are literally looking for an exclusive piece of jewellery in your collection. This cut is exceptional and trendy for which people with the passion for purchasing exclusive diamonds prefer buying the pear shaped diamond studs or earrings prepared with impressive designs.

Heart cut

You can buy a heart cut diamond earring stud for gifting your beloved. If you are a woman, your girlfriends would love having such wonderful presents on their birthdays or anniversaries. The products are designed with a romantic efflorescence so your beau may present you the amazing pair of studs on anniversaries or on your birthdays.

Besides these, emerald, cushion cut etc are some popular diamond cuts often used in maneuvering earrings.

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